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    永高 永高
    Our “Warrior” returns in triumph! !


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    As the saying goes, “one minute on stage, ten years of work off stage”, today’s “Yonggao Farming” products are favored by customers at home and abroad, which is the crystallization of countless days and nights of hard work by Yonggao staff in the past. The R&D and innovation of each product embodies the persistence and focus of Yonggao team members. 

    The three-day VIV China 2018 ended successfully. This is a feast for the industry and a journey of harvest. Our team, a high-spirited youth team, has returned triumphantly!

    During the exhibition, customers who consulted, negotiated, and learned about the products came in an endless stream, and they expressed strong interest in Yonggao’s automatic feeding system. Here, we have met many old customers and made many new friends. Canadian and German customers have reached preliminary cooperation intentions with us and have spoken highly of our products. This is an honor and a responsibility! Yonggao Farming will definitely take everyone’s trust and support, unswervingly make better products to give back to customers and society!

    It is said that our team is very young, yes! It is this young team who gave up too much time to spend with their families, and paid without regrets in the big family of the team. In the entire 20-story office building, the lights of Yonggao Farming are often the last one off. For the needs of customers, we can work all night without sleep. We always dare to take on the problems of customers and never shirk! This is a kind of persistence, but also a kind of responsibility, because one day, the youth in other people’s mouth will no longer give us another meaning!

    Yonggao Farming, we have experienced severe market tests and internal reforms of the company. Today, we have identified the market positioning and product focus——focusing on the automatic feeding system of pig farms, making it refined and specialized , to build an international brand! Focus on the team, a Yonggao team with positive energy, bring our products to the market, overcome obstacles in the cruel competition, and go international! The growth of the Yonggao team is inseparable from everyone’s support as always. We will not forget our original intention and forge ahead!

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