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    Ineffective in reducing costs for pig farms? These mistakes must be avoided


    Article resorce:YONGGAONONGMU

    Browse num:1075

    The price of pigs continues to decline. In the short term, the price of pigs continues to rise without sufficient motivation. The general trend of future development is already an industry consensus. The pig industry is facing the dual challenges of the epidemic and the market situation. For a time, various cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, low-cost technologies, and high-efficiency scientific models have emerged, making pig farmers dazzled.

    Many pig farms have some wrong understandings or practices when reducing costs. Under the pressure of the downturn, not only did they not improve efficiency, but they lost more.

    Reduce costs and increase efficiency·Four misunderstandings

    Misunderstanding 1-Reduce input: The less the cost of the pig farm, the more profit

    Many pig farms believe that since the fixed costs cannot be reduced, they can no longer increase the fixed costs. Blindly saving costs has led to the lack of enthusiasm of employees, the inability to keep up with the nutrition and health of the pig herd, the decline of production performance, the reduction of fixed costs, and the sharp decline in income.

    To maximize benefits, the less the cost, the better, but whether it can bring excess income. Income is the premise of ensuring profits, not reducing expenditure, so don’t think that low investment or even no investment is low cost.

    Misunderstanding 2 - Lower pay: Fewer employees means less loss

    Raising pigs first raises people. If a pig farm is to be profitable in the context of a low market, it must rely on people to do a good job of refined management. In a downturn, professional and high-quality personnel are the productivity of the pig farm.

    Misunderstanding 3-Reduce production capacity: the more sows produce, the more it loses

    Most of the cost of the sow farm is spent on the sow: about 6,000 yuan for feed, vaccines, and health care medicines consumed by a sow in a year.

    When a sow gives birth to 24 piglets a year, the average cost of landing a piglet is 250 yuan. The more births and the less landing cost, the higher the profit.

    If the price of pigs is not good, it is necessary to raise pigs well. Making money is not made by saving, but by raising pigs and earning money.

    Misunderstanding 4-Lowering the standard: Raising pigs without safety 

    Only healthy pigs can have high yields.

    When the market is in a downturn, many pig farms reduce vaccines and do not do biosecurity, resulting in frequent epidemics. When the market is good, there are no pigs in their pig farms.

    At present, domestic animal husbandry enterprises must, on the one hand, comply with the development needs of the industry, continuously improve the level of refinement of production management, take into account cost savings and increase efficiency, and also deal with various risks and challenges arising from the epidemic.

    In such a complex and superimposed period of multiple factors, in the future, in the state of low profits or even losses in the industry, the test is the practical technology of the pig farm, the test is the breeding concept of the pig farm, and the test is the ability to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

    Saving energy, reducing consumption, reducing costs and increasing efficiency are the key measures to ensure the normal operation of pig farms, and it is also one of the power sources to improve the vitality of pig farms.

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